Why Your Sanctification Matters

Salvation in theological terms consists of justification, sanctification, and glorification.

Justification is what happens when we first give our lives to the Lord and are reconciled to the Lord. It is being born-again. It is what happened at Billy Graham Crusades when people walked forward to repent and pray the sinners prayer.

Sanctification is the process by which, after being reconciled to God, Christians are progressively conformed to the image of Jesus. We all start at different places on the continuum toward Christlikeness, but all Christians should be moving in that direction.

Glorification occurs upon the Christian’s death and spiritual resurrection whereby the Christian is given a glorified body and enters into eternal life.

This is why Paul speaks in different places in the Bible of of us having been saved (Ephesians 2:8), being saved (I Corinthians 1:18), and states that we will be saved (Romans 5:10).

Unfortunately, evangelical Christianity has for too long been focused almost entirely on justification and, to a lesser extent, glorification. We have been quick to count how many people raise their hands or get baptized and less concerned about seeing them discipled and developed into Christlike human beings. Continue reading…

Post Inauguration Advice for Kingdom Citizens

Well it happened.

Few believed it would happen. The polls said it wouldn’t happen. The press said it wouldn’t happen. I don’t believe Donald Trump even thought it would happen.

But it did happen, and now that Donald Trump is the 45th President of the United States, it is time to consider how Kingdom citizens in America should conduct themselves during a Trump presidency.

If you voted for Trump

If you voted for Trump, you have the more difficult task ahead. It is very likely Trump will achieve some quick, conspicuous accomplishments that will seem good for America. Trump is a man of action. He is used to getting things done. He opens his negotiations with outlandish positions (e.g. build and wall and Mexico pay for it) he knows the other side will not agree to so as to frame the negotiation favorably to achieving lesser, reasonable goals. “America First” may strike a patriotic chord, but as I have suggested in other posts, I do not believe those to be Kingdom chords. Continue reading…

On The U.S. Presidential Election

Donald TrumpIf you have followed this blog for the past six years, you know I have steered clear of politics per se.

I have not taken sides in the left/right American political game because I believe both parties are, at their core, humanistic.

I have also not taken sides because I did not want to offend my readership over less important matters than the kingdom of God.

I depart from that tradition today to write on this presidential election generally and  Donald Trump specifically. I do so because I see Christians grappling with the issue of Trump, and I would like to share where I have landed on the issue in the hope it may bring clarity for others. Continue reading…

How Churches Should Develop Leaders

Leadership-picUnfortunately, churches are very good at wasting leaders.

By wasting leaders I mean wasting them for the purposes of the kingdom of God to meet needs in the local church.

It’s a natural sequence of events, not motivated by malice, but it happens far too often.

The pastor or other staffers are trained to look for people in their church with leadership qualities: those who are zealous for God, who embrace responsibility, are competent, and want to initiate change. Continue reading…

Six Kingdom Questions: Part 6

throne-of-godWe now come to the last kingdom question: How does the kingdom reconcile creation to the creator?

As we saw in part four of this series, the purpose of the kingdom of God on earth is to reconcile the four separations that occurred as a result of the Fall of Man.

Reconciliation begins with one’s reconciliation to God. This is the linchpin of all reconciliation that follows.

When a person is reconciled to God, he becomes a new creation; all the old things have passed away, and all things become new. 2 Corinthians 5:17. This supernatural event brings with it the real possibility of transformation and reconciliation in the three other areas of separation.

The new believer is reconciled to himself. Those areas where he suffers from emotional separation, guilt, insecurity and other results from the Fall of Man, are all candidates for being remedied. Continue reading…