Ensuring God’s Presence in Your Work

workplace frustrationLast year I wrote a series of blog posts on what God expects from you at work.

It was a brief overview based on the premise that work that is done 1) ethically; 2) excellently; and 3) empowered by the Holy Spirit advances the kingdom of God on earth.

As I’ve grappled with living out these three imperatives, working empowered by the Holy Spirit has been by far the most difficult. If you read the series, you know I argued that working empowered by the Holy Spirit ensures God’s presence in your work. So, this was not one I wanted to give up on just because it was difficult.

Fortunately, in struggle to incorporate these imperatives in my work, I’ve learned a few things that have helped me make this ideal more of a reality in my work life. Hopefully they will help you too. Here they are in no particular order: Continue reading…

Treason In The Kingdom

Treason AureliousRecently the youth minister at my in-law’s church in Tennessee was indicted for soliciting prostitution of a minor.

It made the national news. Maybe you saw it.

While it was probably the youth minister’s fifteen minutes of fame, I’m guessing it was not the kind of fame he had hoped for.

Of all the transgressions he could have committed, as a youth minister solicitation of a minor is probably the dumbest. It certainly would have been better for him had he opted for a less grievous sin like failing to put the toilet seat down or take out the trash. But then again, such sins rarely have anything to do with intelligence.  Continue reading…

A Title History Of The World

The earthIf you have purchased a home you probably got a title policy. A title policy is an insurance policy for the title to real estate.

Before a company will issue a title policy, it hires a real estate attorney to search through the property records to make sure the title you obtain when you purchase the house is free from any claims. It’s a way of ensuring that the person from whom you purchase the house actually owns it free and clear.

If we were doing a title search for the earth, here’s what you would find.

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Gen. 1:1. As a general rule when you create something you own it, unless of course you are being paid by someone else to create it. So, I think we can say with confidence that God, in the beginning had legal title to the earth. Continue reading…

Musings Re: Religion

martiniI am not a big fan of religion.

I rarely even use the word.

The word has so much baggage. I think it’s better to just avoid it.

“Religion” evokes visions of lifeless ritual, rampant hypocrisy, and a cliquish incestuous culture, all of which is very different from the life and teaching of Jesus.

I grew up in a denominational church that was all about religion and very little about Jesus. It took a Fellowship of Christian Athletes meeting for me to hear the Gospel for the first time. I prayed that night, repented, and gave my life to King Jesus. For the first time in my life I felt clean and at peace.

A few years ago, someone at church chastised me for dropping my Bible to illustrate a point in a sermon I was preaching. He said my dropping the Bible offended him because the Bible was sacred. He later committed adultery and destroyed his family . . . . but I never saw him drop his Bible. Continue reading…

For Christian Business Owners: A Business Is Not A Family

family businessI’m a trial lawyer specializing in employment law.

The other day, a client tells me about her former employer, “The owner says he’s a Christian . . . . What a hypocrite!”

You see the owner had told the employees he considered them family. My client’s “family” then terminated her. My client realized families don’t terminate its members when times get tough or if they don’t perform. So, my client concluded this Christian business owner was a hypocrite.

I wish I could say this was the only time I have heard this story from a client or potential client, but it has happened far more than you might expect. Continue reading…