The Benefits of Halloween

StampaHalloween is this week.

It’s obviously a beloved holiday because Americans spend more money on Halloween than any other holiday except Christmas.

I’ve wondered in a past blog post whether those in the occult complain about the commercialization of Halloween like Christians do about Christmas.

I’ve written on the history of Halloween.

But as I thought about what I had written in the past, I wondered if maybe I had been too negative about this very popular holiday.

Therefore, in the spirit of being fair and balanced, I’ve decided to list some of the reasons for celebrating Halloween and wanting your children to participate.

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Is Retirement The Reward?


I sometimes read Le Monde, the French equivalent of The New York Times.

A couple years ago I read an article in Le Monde, which discussed the defiance of the French in the face of coming austerity measures of then French president Nicholas Sarkozy.

I watched France with some interest during Sarkozy’s presidency because I happened to be in Paris during Sarkozy’s inauguration and saw him drive by in his convertible Puegot on the Champs Elysees.

Apparently Sarkozy’s austerity measures included cuts to the French version of social security benefits.

The article quotes one Frenchie as saying, “First we have education. That is school. Then we have work. That’s the hardest bit. And after that we retire. That’s the reward. If they take away the reward, what are we left with?” Continue reading…

A Definition of Leadership

salt-feature-1A lot of books have been written on leadership.

I’ve written here on Leadership in the Kingdom, Why God Uses Leaders, and Old Testament Leadership Examples.

In the books I’ve read though I rarely see a good definition of leadership.

Secular books often assume everyone knows what leadership is and therefore do not define it.

Christian books invariable define leadership exclusive as “servant leadership.”

A definition is in order then, and after a big cup of cappuccino I feel worthy of the task. Continue reading…

Distractions To Fulfilling Your Calling–Part II

Duck ToursIn the last post I addressed two distractions that lead people away from their God-given callings: the desire for more money and a more prestigious job.

Both of these distractions lead to a lack of contentment at work.

In the last post I suggested a paradigm shift as a response to discontentment created by these two distractions.

The Scripture I cited, in addition to suggesting a change in thought, command action.

The Apostle Paul wrote the Colossians, “Do your work with all your heart, as for the Lord and not for men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the reward of the inheritance.” (Col. 3:23).

A milleniam before Solomon wrote, “Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might . . .” (Eccl. 9:10).

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Distractions To Fulfilling Your Calling–Part I

Duck ToursThe wife and I were in Boston the last weekend for some business and a little weekend getaway.

Saturday, we did a Boston Duck Boat Tour.

A duck boat is an amphibious vehicle developed during World War II, which have found an industrious retirement in the streets of and waters surrounding Boston.

The novelty is the amphibious nature of the tour: a ride through the city, followed by a ride in the Charles River.

What made the tour so enjoyable for us, however, was our tour guide. He was in his early thirties, cherubic, with a playfully sarcastic demeanor. He was informative, interactive with our group, and extremely funny. When our duck boat broke down in the  street, he improvised for twenty minutes until our new duck boat arrived, engaging us with trivia, ad-libbing, and entertaining everyone.

When we were in the river he called up two children to steer the boat, but he did it with such enthusiasm it dispelled any suspicion it was something he was required to do. Our guide was a master at his craft, and it was clear he enjoyed what he did. Ask anyone on the tour and they would tell you he was made for this job. Continue reading…