What God Expects From You At Work—Part 4

Back to Work SignThe third imperative is that you do your work empowered by the Holy Spirit.

Working empowered by the Holy Spirit ensures God’s presence in your work.

Non-Christians can do ethical work. Non-Christians can do excellent work.

But non-Chrisitans cannot do work empowered by the Holy Spirit. Their work is not infused with the Spirit of God because they do not have the Spirit of God. Therefore, working empowered by the Holy Spirit sets the work of Christians apart from the work of non-Christians. Continue reading…

What God Expects From You At Work—Part 3

Back to Work SignWhen the groom ran out of wine at a wedding feast, Jesus stepped in to help meet the need. See John 2:1-12.

To the meet the needs Jesus turned a lot of water into a lot of wine.

One would think turning water into wine would be significant enough, but the apostle John  makes a point to describe the excellence of the wine. See John 2:10.

John says it was customary to serve the bad wine later after people were sufficiently liquored up not to notice, but Jesus served  excellent wine when He could have served any wine.

In short, when Jesus assumed a vocational role He made sure His work was excellent.  It was the same in his ministry. After healing one man, those in attendance remarked, “Behold he does all things well.” Mark 7:37. Continue reading…

What God Expects From You At Work—Part 2

Back to Work SignThe first thing God expects of you at work is that you do your work ethically.

This probably comes as no surprise.

But God does not require you be ethical  in your work because He is a moralist but because He is pragmatist.

To be sure, God is holy and we are called to be holy just as He is holy, but there is a reason He requires us to be ethical in the workplace.

Doing your work ethically ensures God’s will is done in your workplace, and where God’s will is done His Kingdom is established. Continue reading…

What God Expects From You At Work—Part 1

Back to Work Sign

What does God expect from you at work?

It’s a question every Christian should ask.

Given that most adult Christians spend 40-70 hours per week at work, it is perhaps the most important question a Christian can ask.

Probably the only thing you spend time doing more than working is sleeping, and yet there are surprisingly few books, podcasts and sermons on the subject of what God expects of us at work.

This series is intended to provide you with a very clear understanding of what to do to honor God and advance His kingdom at work every day. Continue reading…

Seine River Cruise Travel Journal—Epilogue

View from our cruise ship on the Seine

View from our cruise ship on the Seine

We arrived home to the news of the latest installment of Muslims gone wild.

Apparently even Chattanooga, Tennessee is not immune from acts of Islamic terrorism.

When I saw the news I was immediately reminded of the way Saladin responded to the march of Richard the Lionheart’s army from Acre down the coast and then inland toward Jerusalem in the Third Crusade.

Saladin knew he could not face the superior technology and skill of the crusaders head-on—in one of their battles with Saladin, the Crusaders killed the Muslim soldiers at a rate of 10-1.

So instead, Saladin ordered his men to attack the Crusaders in small groups in short intermittent attacks along the caravan and at the rear, not with the hope of defeating the Crusaders but demoralizing them so they would quit and go back to Europe.

Richard, ever the disciplined tactician, insisted his men not charge and break the line, but remain focused on where they were going. Continue reading…