Same-Sex Marriage, America, and the Kingdom—2

lgbt_american_flagsIn the previous post I attempted to provide some perspective following the Supreme Court’s recent decision on same-sex marriage.

Still, I suspect there are those who agree with my assessment from a Kingdom perspective but are devastated by the belief that by this Supreme Court decision America has crossed a line and is no longer a Christian nation.

I don’t see the Obergefell decision as a turning point but a confirmation. America has not been a Christian nation—if there is such a thing—for a very long time. Continue reading…

Same-Sex Marriage, America, and the Kingdom—1

lgbt_american_flagsWell, it’s been a week since five lawyers on the Supreme Court decided they had “new insight”—their words—that no society since the dawn of man has had and declared same sex marriage a constitutional right.

Predictably, many Christians, as they have erroneously done throughout history,  declared this the sign the end is near and that maybe Harold Camping was right after all.

Those who do so, though, have ignored the lessons of the past. Christians throughout history who have declared the end of the world near have a perfect record—they have been wrong every time. Those at the end of the first millennium who were convinced the end was near had a much better argument than those today, and not only were they wrong, but within fifty years the tide had completely turned. Continue reading…

The Benefits of Halloween

StampaHalloween is this week.

It’s obviously a beloved holiday because Americans spend more money on Halloween than any other holiday except Christmas.

I’ve wondered in a past blog post whether those in the occult complain about the commercialization of Halloween like Christians do about Christmas.

I’ve written on the history of Halloween.

But as I thought about what I had written in the past, I wondered if maybe I had been too negative about this very popular holiday.

Therefore, in the spirit of being fair and balanced, I’ve decided to list some of the reasons for celebrating Halloween and wanting your children to participate.

Continue reading…

Is Retirement The Reward?


I sometimes read Le Monde, the French equivalent of The New York Times.

A couple years ago I read an article in Le Monde, which discussed the defiance of the French in the face of coming austerity measures of then French president Nicholas Sarkozy.

I watched France with some interest during Sarkozy’s presidency because I happened to be in Paris during Sarkozy’s inauguration and saw him drive by in his convertible Puegot on the Champs Elysees.

Apparently Sarkozy’s austerity measures included cuts to the French version of social security benefits.

The article quotes one Frenchie as saying, “First we have education. That is school. Then we have work. That’s the hardest bit. And after that we retire. That’s the reward. If they take away the reward, what are we left with?” Continue reading…

A Definition of Leadership

salt-feature-1A lot of books have been written on leadership.

I’ve written here on Leadership in the Kingdom, Why God Uses Leaders, and Old Testament Leadership Examples.

In the books I’ve read though I rarely see a good definition of leadership.

Secular books often assume everyone knows what leadership is and therefore do not define it.

Christian books invariable define leadership exclusive as “servant leadership.”

A definition is in order then, and after a big cup of cappuccino I feel worthy of the task. Continue reading…